Andrew Scriven (Assignment 1)

Andrew Scriven – Antarctic  landscape photographer

Thursday 23rd February 2012

Walking around Covent Garden Market, I came across this stall selling stunning photographic canvases and prints of the Antarctic landscape.

Beautifully displayed in the limited space with spotlights bringing out the detail, the work of Andrew Scriven couldn’t fail to catch my eye. I chatted to the young photographer (Mr Scriven) for a while and in conversation I couldn’t believe when he said that all the images had been shot as Jpegs and had therefore not been accepted by certain competitions. I also wondered why a photographer of such obvious talent had to resort to selling his work from a market stall. Without wishing to sound snobbish, his photographs were surely worthy of being hung in a reputable gallery.

I thought his photographs of the Antarctic were fantastic, how lucky was he to get to go there! It also cemented my opinion that the under-pinning of a good landscape photograph is largely due to location and the exotic, unusual or dramatic vista that one may be privileged to photograph.

Andrew Scriven is definitely a photographer to look out for.

On returning home from London, Andrew Scriven’s business card in my pocket, I logged on to his website – was ‘hit’ by a superb slideshow of his work and from there-on in was enthralled.

An adventurer at heart, Andrew’s quest for “jaw-dropping vistas” has led him to embark on world-wide expeditions – what a lucky young man!

A finalist in The Sony World Photography Awards and the National Geographic International Photo Contest, Andrew is going places – far from Covent Garden Market I would hope!

Yes, Andrew I really have enjoyed viewing you work, the subject matter is truly “jaw-dropping”, the compositions fantastic and the lighting you have captured really lifts the subject from being ordinary to extra-ordinary.

I hope other people on reading this blog entry will log on to also be ‘wowed’ by his work.

I have ‘snatched’ a couple of Andrew Scriven’s photographs from his website just to give you a taster.

Another World by Andrew Scriven

A Stunning Sunset by Andrew Scriven

Reflecting on a Voyage by Andrew Scriven

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